How to Cancel Apple Music Membership to Change Country?

Open iTunes or the Music app. Click Account, then View My Account in the menu bar at the top of the screen or the top of the iTunes window. Use your Apple ID to log in. Click Change Country or Region on the Account Information page.

Similarly, How do I change my country without Cancelling Apple Music?

To change your region, use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Open the Settings app on your phone. After tapping your name, go to Media & Purchases. To see your account, tap View Account. Select Country/Region from the drop-down menu. Change the country or region by tapping it. After selecting your new nation or area, go through the terms and conditions.

Also, it is asked, How do I change the country on my Apple Music subscription?

Go to Settings, then to iTunes & App Store by clicking on your name at the top. After you’ve entered your Apple-ID, you’ll be asked whether you want to change the shop nation; click confirm. done.

Secondly, Will I lose my Apple Music if I change country?

You won’t lose any iCloud data as a result of this procedure. To continue utilizing iCloud storage, re-enroll in a new storage plan after changing your account to a different nation or region.

Also, What happens to my Apple Music when I change region?

A is the answer. A is the answer. Apple Music requires the same region as your Apple ID (billing address) and the iTunes Store and App Store. If you wish to change your region back after an unintended change, sign out of the iTunes Store and App Store, then sign back in.

People also ask, Why can’t I change my country region on my iPhone?

Subscriptions that are currently active Even a single ongoing subscription might prohibit you from changing the nation or region of your Apple account. You must first cancel your current membership and wait for the subscription time to expire. That’s correct, you can’t just cancel your membership and move to another nation.

Related Questions and Answers

What happens if I change my country on iTunes?

You may change the nation or area associated with your Apple ID if you’ve relocated to a different country or region. You’ll need to use your shop credit, cancel your subscriptions, and have a valid payment method for your new nation or area before you can change your details.

How do I change my region on my subscription?

You must wait a year after changing your nation to change it again. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android smartphone. Tap the profile icon in the upper right corner. Select General Account Preferences from the Settings menu. Country and individual profiles To switch countries, touch the name of the country you’d want to go to.

How do I change my region on my iPhone subscriptions?

To change your region, use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Open the Settings app on your phone. After tapping your name, go to Media & Purchases. To see your account, tap View Account. Select Country/Region from the drop-down menu. Change the country or region by tapping it. Then, after selecting your new nation or area, go through the Terms & Conditions.

How do I cancel my Apple Music subscription on my iPhone?

How to Unsubscribe from Apple Music Go to for more information. At the top of the page, choose Sign In. Skip this step if you don’t see Sign In. The account icon may be tapped or clicked. Select your preferences. Select Manage from the Subscriptions drop-down menu. Select Cancel Subscription from the drop-down menu.

Is Apple Music region locked?

You may use it to listen to playlists, stream music, and even download stuff to your smartphone for offline use. Unfortunately, things aren’t perfect; Apple Music is region-locked, which means that certain customers will be unable to access the complete service.

How often can you change iTunes region?

Apple may limit switching to once every 90 days on a device when you use certain iTunes functions on that device, such as downloading and playing movies, music, and TV programs, signing into Apple Music, or downloading previous purchases from any shop.

How do I cancel my Apple subscription?

Open the Settings menu. After that, go to Users & Accounts and choose your account. Subscriptions should be chosen. Select Cancel Subscription after selecting the subscription you wish to manage.

Can I change my country on iPhone?

If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, follow these steps. Go to [Your Name] > Media & Purchases in the Settings app. From the popup menu, choose View Account and enter your Apple ID password. Choose Change Nation or Region from the Country/Region menu, then pick the new country you wish to switch to.

How do I know my Apple ID region?

What is the location of my Apple ID Country? On your iPhone, open the Settings app. After tapping your name, go to “iTunes & App Store.” At the top, touch your Apple ID, then “View Apple ID.” Select “Country/Region” from the drop-down menu.

Can I use Apple Music in another country?

They will be able to use the family Apple Music account when in another country as long as they do not modify their Apple ID’s iTunes Store.

Can I have two Apple IDs for different countries?

You may have two Apple IDs, each with a distinct area set up. The App Store/iTunes is the only location where you’ll need to use the second ID. Then, if needed, switch regions/IDs. You won’t be able to update applications bought with one ID if you’re logged in with the other.

Do I lose all my music if I cancel Apple Music?

All of your devices will lose the music you downloaded from the Apple Music collection. The music you bought on iTunes will be erased from your device, but you may redownload it for free.

How do I change my app store region without spending balance?

Even if you provide your current credit card details, an error notice stating that your credit card is not valid for this location is likely to appear. Switching to a new Apple ID on your iPhone and going from there is now the only option to change App Store Country or Region without using a credit card.

How do I download an app from another country?

What Is The Best Way To Download Android Apps That Aren’t Available In Your Country? STEP 1: Download an Android VPN application. STEP 2: Shift Your Location. STEP 3: Delete the cache from the Google Play Store. STEP #4: Look for an app that isn’t available in your country. STEP 5: Download Android Apps that aren’t available in your country.

What is KH A in iPhone?

KH stands for China and South Korea. Denmark or Norway, according to KN. Finland or Sweden, KS. Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, and El Salvador are all represented in Los Angeles. Argentina – LE – LE – LE – LE – LE – LE

What happens if I change region on iPhone?

While utilizing another country’s region on your iPhone does not violate any laws, it does violate Apple’s Terms of Service. You may change regions and browse the App Store of another nation, but you won’t be able to make purchases unless you have a legitimate address and payment method in that country.

Can I cancel Apple Subscriptions online?

Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu. Click Manage after scrolling down to Subscriptions. Click Edit next to the subscription. To cancel your subscription, go to Cancel Subscription.

How do you cancel Apple Music and get a refund?

How to Make a Refund Request Go to and log in. Choose “Request a refund” after tapping or clicking “I’d like to.” Select the reason for your refund, then click Next. Choose the app, subscription, or other item you want to submit, then click Submit.

Why are Apple Music songs region locked?

Because the music offered in each nation or location differs. If you don’t have a credit card connected to a Japanese bank or a Japanese iTunes gift card, as well as an Apple ID in that same nation, you won’t be able to purchase music that’s exclusively accessible on the Japanese iTunes.

Why is my Apple Music saying it’s not available in my country?

Some songs are not accessible in some regions due to regional licensing and distribution policies. If the music isn’t licensed in the nation via which your VPN connection is routed, you’ll get an error message when you attempt to play it. You may turn off your VPN in the app or in the iPhone’s Settings menu.

How do I manage Subscriptions on iPhone?

On your iPhone, open the Settings app and touch your name and Apple ID at the top. At the top of the Settings app, hit your name and Apple ID. Grace Business Insider/Eliza Goodwin Select “Subscriptions” from the drop-down menu. To cancel a current subscription, tap it; to renew an expired subscription, tap it. Choose a subscription plan from the drop-down menu.

Can I have a US and Canadian Apple ID?

One user may have numerous iTunes accounts linked to iTunes Stores in different countries and log into each account on the same device, up to the maximum number of devices allowed.

Can you family share in different countries?

All members of a Family Sharing group must live in the same country or region. Not all material and content kinds are accessible in all countries or regions, as noted in this Support page. All family members must use the same Apple ID nation or region to share bought material.

Can one iPhone have two Apple IDs?

On an iPhone or iPad, you may sign in and utilize numerous Apple IDs, something not many people are aware of. From the Settings app on an iOS device, you may log in and set up numerous Apple IDs for various reasons like as contacts, email, notes, bookmarks, and so on.

What happens when I cancel my Apple Music subscription?

You’ll lose access to all of the music you’ve saved from Apple Music, as well as any Apple Music playlists, if you cancel your membership. Before deactivating your account, you may wish to take screenshots of the artists, albums, and playlists.


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